Q: How to clean the case?
 A: Cleaning tips for different parts of the case/ series:
Venus transparent back cover – simply use wet wipe with diluted alcohol. 
Venus & Cupid bumper/ Diana case – use rubber to clean first. If result is not satisfied, mix a cup of bleach with 500cc water to wet a cotton pad and wipe surface softly. Do not soak the bumper/ case. Dry the bumper/case in shade. Do not expose under sun or dry with any dryer. 
Q: If I have 3D full-screen tempered glass protector, do SOLiDE bumpers/ cases fit?
A: Venus and Cupid are best fit to all kinds of full-screen tempered glass. Other series may have slight overlaps on corners but it does not affect normal use and will not cause damage to the case. 
Q: The bumper/ case is quite tight, how do I remove it?
A: Simply push one of the corners, suggestively one of the bottom ones to avoid possible damage to camera.